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Hot Stamp Printing

Artwork Requirements
Hotstamp Printing

Over the years, Tenka Flexible Packaging has become the preferred choice of numerous gourmet food, snack, beverage and non-food manufacturers when it comes to custom packaging. At Tenka Pack, we specialize in custom film lamination and custom design printing.

Hot stamping is a dry printing process in which a metallic or color pigment is transferred to the bag using heat and pressure. This process is a great way to achieve a simple printed bag without the commitment to the minimum quantities associated with a full color printing project. The set up costs are minimal and are determined by the size and complexity of the design. If you are looking for low cost and quick turn around time, this may be the perfect solution. Please consult with a sales representative for further details and information.

Tenka Flexible Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of coffee bags. We have paper coffee bags, stand up coffee pouches, aroma patterned coffee pouches, gusseted coffee bags and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags. We also carry a variety of bags for snack foods, pet foods, gourmet items, specialty foods and various other products. Stand up pouches, flat pouches, foil bags and paper bags are all available in stock.

Photos appearing on this website may not be accurate depictions of actual color and size. Please contact us to request for a free sample.

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