Hang Hole Application

Shelf-space utilization is a key component to marketing your product. Making the most of the limited shelf-space that retailers provide can be a difficult task. We realize that our customers may be faced with challeng-ing display options and we are dedicated to providing various alternatives and solutions. Our ability to apply custom hang holes to our stand up pouches and flat pouches allows for greater expandability when consi-dering the presentation of your product. Hang holes make use of end-of-the-aisle display strips and peg boards rather than restricted

shelf-space or unfavorable shelf position. Let us help to give your product marketing versatility today.

Our in-house semi-automatic hang hole application machines make it possible for any of our bags to be displayed on retail hooks. The load-and-go functionality ensures that the hang holes are punched cleanly and accurately. They are also designed to punch various shapes and sizes. Butterfly or standard circle holes are available depending on your particular needs. Please contact us for pricing information.