Aroma Patterned Roll Stock Film

Aroma Patterned Roll Stock Film
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The need for a package to stand out on the shelf is essential, so we’ve applied a steaming hot cup design and bright colors to our Aroma Patterned line to help achieve strong shelf presence. This roll stock film is available in a metallized material and is compatible with most form-fill-seal machines. Metallized film is often described as “Mylar” and it is becoming more popular in flexible packaging for its moderate barrier qualities and lower cost. For products requiring a better barrier than poly, but not quite as good as foil, a metallized material is a perfect fit.color and makes sorting so much easier!

All Colors
Total Thickness: 2.6mil
Please refer to the color chart shown on the image. Please note that all weight & bag sizes are only estimate and based on coffee weight. Samples are available upon request.
Please note that because our natural kraft paper is not dyed, colored or bleached that there will be variations in both texture and color. Be assured the the difference is only in appearance while the weight and quality remain unaffected.
Aroma Pattern Roll Stock

Aroma Pattern Roll Stock

Web Dimension
INCH: 9.5"
3,280 Ft. Per Roll . Core Size: 3"

 Item #  Available Colors
 MRS01PA-9 Gold
 MRS03PA-9 Black
 MRS06PA-9 Red
 MRS07PA-9 Green
 MRS08PA-9 Blue
 MRS11PA-9 Purple
Roll Stock Film
Roll Stock Film
Aroma Patterned Roll Stock Film
Aroma Patterned Roll Stock Film
Pre-Printed "Premium" & "Decaf" Roll Stock Film