Tea & Beverage Packaging

Stand up pouches have become increasingly popular for packaging loose leaf tea. The new materials that are now available, including rice paper and cotton paper, give tea producers elegant and attractive options. Since tea requires the same barrier qualities as coffee, foil pouches are still a widely used choice. However, clear and window alternatives allow for the texture, size and shape of the tea leaves to be exposed. For some consumers who are tea enthusiasts, these qualities are very important when choosing the right tea. Automatic packaging of envelopes, overwraps, sachets and pyramids use various types of roll film. Different materials can be used to achieve the desired look, price structure and barrier qualities.

Powdered beverage mixes such as chai and cocoa are used in countless shops throughout the world. They are also made available to end users in retail stores. The packaging aspect is essential whether the mix is being distributed in 3 lb. bulk bags or 1 oz. single serve packs. Depending on the product’s sensitivity to the various elements, different materials can be used. Typically, metallized or foil materials are used due to the powder being susceptible to clumping and moisture. Gusset bags, stand up pouches and flat pouches have all proven to be effective packaging styles for powders so it’s mostly personal preference and marketing strategy that governs the type of bag that should be used.

Energy drink mixes and gel packets have been very popular in the sports nutrition arena. Single serve drink mix packages that are mixed with water in retail bottles have become increasingly appealing to many athletes. These “stick packs” as they’re called by some, are created using foil or metallized roll stock on automated equipment. Energy gel pouches are also a big hit with many people who enjoy an active lifestyle. These stand up pouches are made to look like small bottles and the top is easily removed with notches and a custom die-cut. This innovative design has been a great eye-catcher and has earned great praise with our potential clients.

The packaging for the beverages we consume on a daily basis has progressed to include many different types of drinks. The expanding markets and new products being introduced ensure that our thirst will always be quenched.

Packaging Suggestions for Tea & Beverages:

Foil Stand Up Pouches Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches Metallized Stand Up Pouches Matte Stand Up Pouches Metallized Flat Pouches
Foil Gusseted Bags Square-Bottom Gusseted Bags