Pet Food Packaging

Pets have always been a major part of many families. More so recently than ever, owners have started pampering pets and being more attentive to their needs. This growing love for the family pet has created a booming animal product marketplace. Countless new pet foods, treats, supplements and specialty products have been introduced (...more)

Snack Food Packaging

The snack food industry is constantly growing and evolving. Due to the continuous expansion of this market, new packaging solutions are always in demand. Bags or pouches can be used for any snack food item, from potato chips to chocolate filled marshmallows and advancements in packaging technology and printing have opened new doors for design and innovation. (...more)

Coffee Packaging

The evolution of flexible packaging has significantly affected the way many products are processed and packaged. Coffee, tea & powdered beverage mixes have all benefited from the extensive packaging options now available. The specialty coffee market is one of the markets most influenced by the advancements in packaging. Barrier materials and accessories have created so many options (...more)

Tea & Beverage Packaging

Stand up pouches have become increasingly popular for packaging loose leaf tea. The new materials that are now available, including rice paper and cotton paper, give tea producers elegant and attractive options. Since tea requires the same barrier qualities as coffee, foil pouches are still a widely used choice. However, clear and window alternatives allow for the texture, size and shape of the tea leaves (...more)

Non-Food Packaging

Although food and drink packaging holds a large part of the flexible packaging segment, non-food items are also a major component. From fertilizers to pharmaceuticals to guitar strings, flexible packaging has provided solutions for countless products and projects. (...more)