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In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as well as regulatory and health mandates put in place for us as an essential food packaging provider, we are implementing a lean work schedule, that may delay all order processing, production, shipping/receiving and administrative functions. We also want to assure you that we have implemented additional procedures as recommended by the CDC for essential businesses for the wellbeing of our employees. We ask for your patience and support during this unprecedented time, and will respond to you via email or phone as we can.

Welcome to Tenka Flexible Packaging. Your source for countless flexible packaging solutions! Our high-quality product packaging is available in-stock in a variety of forms including: stand up pouches, gusset bags, versatile stand up pouches, flat pouches, roll stock and paper bags. Our extensive range of sizes (1 oz. to 40 lb.) makes it easy for you to find the package that's right for your product. Various material choices give you a wide array of barrier characteristics and price points. We also have the ability to custom print, laminate and size your package to your exact specifications. Whether you're looking for Coffee Bags, Pet Food Bags, Snack Food Bags or Non-Food Packaging Bags, Tenka has the right product for your needs. Premium quality rotogravure printing is used for all of our printed projects, ensuring vibrant colors and detailed designs are recreated expertly. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always here to help you find the perfect packaging solution.

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Our stock bags are ideal for applying custom printed labels. Low minimum quantities, quick turn-around time and reliable service make our label printing and application options perfect for almost any customer!

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Tenka Pack is dedicated to finding more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our line of green items is perfect for customers looking to lessen their packaging footprint on the environment.

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Tenka Flexible Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of coffee bags. We have paper coffee bags, stand up coffee pouches, aroma patterned coffee pouches, gusseted coffee bags and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags. We also carry a variety of bags for snack foods, pet foods, gourmet items, specialty foods and various other products. Stand up pouches, flat pouches, foil bags and paper bags are all available in stock.

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